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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Search Engine Competition

I am here after a long time to announce a competition for Search Engine Optimization. Though you cannot participate in this, you can surely pray for the winner. The contest is to get to the top of Google for the keyword ambatchmasterpublisher. Everyone tries to get his website to the top for the keyword ambatchmasterpublisher and whoever succeeds in getting to the top for ambatchmasterpublisher is the winner. I am sure this is going to be a nice competition. Results are coming out next week!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am back

Sorry that I had to be away for sometime and hence had to just give link to the feeds that I normally subscribe to. I promise to be much more regular from now on in my updates...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Technorati's Has a Newsletter! The Buzz Monitor

Hello from Technorati!

You are receiving this because you are on the mailing list for our
upcoming newsletter, the Buzz Monitor.

The Buzz Monitor will be your weekly update of what's happening on
the web, right now. We'll pipe you headlines from the blogosphere,
photos from our members, tips and tricks for our publishers, and
guides for our users. All this delivered fresh to your inbox each
week courtesy of the world's leading index of user-generated media.

The Buzz Monitor will arrive in html and text format, and will be
archived and available on www.technorati.com. If you decide you
don't want it, simply http://technorati.cmail1.com/.aspx/u/92952/55405026/.

Expect the first edition of the Buzz Monitor to arrive next Friday,
and every Friday thereafter. We'll strive to report the best of
the World Live Web every week, and we're confident you'll like it.

And you may just become addicted, so don't say we didn't warn you.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Huge content and SEO help

Do you know that the more content you have, the lesser need is it for Search Engine Optimization. This can be realized if you understand why you need SEO in the first place. SEO techniques primarily involve choosing a lesser competitive keyword, writing content on that, getting links from related webpages, and so forth in this direction.

But, let us suppose you write more and more content, this means that you naturally get more and more interlinking, and hence links increase. As you write more, the keywords that you naturally cover too increases. Which means that instead of planning to stuff your page with one particular keyword, you cover up different keywords even as you write about related subjects.

So, if you see as you write more, the chances of your page getting indexed for different related searches also increase. All this helps you in circumventing the investment you make in SEO and still achieve the results. The only thing you require is hard work for building content, which is anyway, inevitable.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Online Affiliate Cheats

A few years back, a website called NetBux was in the news. The webmaster claimed that his members can make money by simply searching Google from his website. His earning mode, he claimed was solely from the advertisers that he displayed above the Google frame.

If you have been following my blog, you would very well know that I am a kind of person who believes in being a Internet Entrepreneur rather than an Internet coolie by working for someone this way.

But still, this website became quite a popular one, since it was making an innovative way to make money(when emails and click on ads are the norm for earning cents). In fact, the first set of threshold breakers even got paid. This is when the authenticity word spread and more and more people joined in. In fact, a couple of more websites with similar modus operandi cropped up. This is when the website suddenly disappeared. Thousands who had spent days and nights searching Google from Netbux got robbed, when there existed no more way to get the money they deserved.

Next time, if something like this happens, be sure to check out RipOffReport. This is a not for profit website that takes up cases of fraud and even takes cases to court. If you can gather a lot of support from other members who lost money in a similar way, be sure to report it there.

Marketing your own Ebook - Cheapest option

Here is the cheapest way to write your own Ebook, sell it online and profit from it, plus marketing it as well. First of all, I cannot help you write your own Ebook. That depends on your expertise in the niche where you wish to write.

After you write your ebook, it is time to market your product. You can do this either through Google Adwords or for free through Google Base. In Google Base, you simply type in a marketing page for your product, and publish it. This starts getting included in the Google Searches from 20 minutes onwards.

Now, after you get the customer, the next step is to sell the product. You need not sign up with Affiliate networks. All you need to do is get a Paypal account and get the transaction made through their gateway. Remember that your customer can pay through any credit card or debit card, and does not require a Paypal account of his own. And your money is refunded to your Paypal account.

This way, your online business gets a boosting using the most cheapest method.

GE offers Paypal Ebay Credit Cards

As a webmaster who uses Ecommerce, Paypal is such an undisputed necessity. This is one of the easiest way for money transactions. Now, keeping in mind webmasters who use Paypal, as also Ebay customers, GE consumer finance has announced Paypal Plus credit cards.

Under this scheme, customers get to spend $25 on Ebay purchase through Paypal for every $2500 spent on purchasing. Additionally, PayPal Plus customers receive extended purchase protection for purchases made through the Paypal Website, access to special finance offers, and integrated online account management and alerts.

So, what is this news to you. As a webmaster, you always need to buy and sell several products. Making use of this credit card can additionally be earning you dollars to purchase at the Ebay website. Though this is not a webmaster specific news, this holds special significance to we people who make a living on the internet.

After all this, you do not have a hint of an idea of what Paypal is, take a look here.

Choosing the right colors for your webpage

Choosing the right colour is extremely important. I have come across many new webmasters coming out with a website which they think has got an 'attitude' by sporting a black background. Let me tell you that, if you look at most successful websites, I mean who monetize from Adsense and the like, the website can be intended to serve your purpose, only if they look like one of the two - either a word document or like a magazine that you hold.

These are still early days in the internet industry(yes, still!) and hence the visitors are comfortable only if the website can look a bit like the analog papers that they are used to. But then, most of us would not prefer to have a word document kind of a website. After all, it aint cool, right. So, we see most of them going to the second kind.

How can you basically achieve this is by starting out with the fundamental colors; light background and a dark foreground. Try out different combinations, and do not simply go by what your preferences, do a little bit of survey about your colors from your peers who you can find in webmaster forums.

Have an utmost of three to four colours on your website. More than this makes a mockery of your content. And finally, if things are not turning out to what is intended, do keep trying out various combinations.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making interpage links look natural

Interlinking of pages is the most effective way to increase PageRank and also the subsequent traffic. But then, sometimes it might just affect the look of your website if you have links to so many pages on every webpage.

This problem can be solved whilst optimizing a webpage for keywords. Webmasters always deem it necessary to stuff their website with all the necessary keywords. So, naturally, a lot of these keywords actually appear in the writeup.

You can make use of this keyword presence, and try to link a maximum number of related pages by anchoring these texts. This gives more natural-ness to your webpage. Also, you can cut down on the number of explicit links that you provide at the side bar or at the bottom of your page.

High traffic Web publishers take note - Adsense API

Google has come up with the new Adsense API scheme. In this, as a web developer, you are given the tools to allow users to sign for Adsense from your very own website. This way, you'll earn a small fraction of what the publishers earn and also a $100 credit if the publishers makes the same amount in 180 days.

Adsense is looking for web hosts, forum hosts, wiki hosts and other web developers having a high traffic of over 100,000 daily page views to apply. But, looking at it, I do not first of all think, Adsense referral schemes actually work(somebody please tell me if you have actually made money from it. I am still looking for one). The only websites, in my idea that would benefit from this are websites like Webmasterworld that are very much for webmasters. Any deviation from the site theme; then I don't think Adsense API is right for you.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Affiliate Marketing through Google Base

Though it seems like a good move by Google to have barred affiliate networks and mirrored sites being advertised on Google Base, I think this is now a missed opportunity for a lot of affiliate webmasters like you and me. Yes, that would have actually flooded Goolge Base with millions of similar product offerings, which would have literally wiped out the very purpose of the new product.

But then, if you sell your own product on your website, then I think Google Base is one of the perfect places to advertise your product. Just choose the appropriate category and simply paste the relevant attributes and publish. Lo, you start getting traffic, and also start getting the right customers who you could not have targetted from the keywords on your website.

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